Chupa Chups Lollipops Expands U.S. presence in 2021

Chupa Chups Lollipops Expands U.S. presence in 2021

Iconic ‘forever fun’ brand is ready to delight even more U.S. consumers

September 2021 – ERLANGER, Ky. – In 2021, Perfetti Van Melle U.S.A., Inc. took over U.S. distribution and marketing of the company’s fun, colorful and flavorful Chupa Chups Lollipops that already enjoy tremendous popularity around the globe. As the second largest Lollipop brand globally1, Chupa Chups is excited to offer U.S. retailers new pack formats and most-loved flavors, including Cremosa Creamy Strawberry and Choco-Vanilla and fruit favorites like strawberry, orange, watermelon and more.

In addition to the delicious unique flavors, each Chupa Chups lollipop is like a piece of artwork, with its premium experience in wrapper design and shape. Many people already recognize the bright and happy Chupa Chups flower pattern package graphics, based on the iconic logo designed by famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

In a short time, the Chupa Chups brand already ranks #8 among Total Lollipops on and is fast-growing in the U.S. Lollipops segment of the Non-Chocolate Candy category2. The U.S. is the top Lollipop marketing worldwide at 37% of total market value3.

“The time is right for Perfetti Van Melle to bring back the commercial management of this iconic brand,” said Craig Cuchra, Vice President of Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle U.S.A. “Our internal sales team and broker partners are excited to bring Chupa Chups to our customer partners along with our other Perfetti brands. We’re already seeing success with new retail customers listing Chupa Chups products, which is a testament to Chupa Chups’ rich heritage and truly global awareness. We’re happy to bring Chupa Chups to new consumers and have them fall in love with the taste and quality of Chupa Chups lollipops.

Chupa Chups are available now in the U.S. in the following formats:

Chupa Chups ‘Best of’ Drum Display, an assortment of 5 of Chupa Chups “best of” flavors including Cola, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon and Creamy Strawberry flavor. The value-sized 60-piece drum package features .042 oz lollipops. Suggested retail price is $9.99 per drum.

New Chupa Chups Laydown bags with 2 great flavor assortments, CREMOSA (Creamy Strawberry and Choco-Vanilla) and “Best of” with Cola, Orange, Strawberry, and Watermelon fruit lollipops and Creamy Strawberry. Each standup bag has 25 pieces (0.42 oz. lollipops) with a Suggested Retail Price of $3.49 per bag. The laydown bags are available in a Display Ready Tray with 12 bags in a case.

Chupa Chups Mini-Chups are 6g lollipops with 240 pieces in a standup bag, with a Suggested Retail Price of $13.99 per bag. Each bag contains 5 assorted flavors including Strawberry, Orange, and Cherry fruit lollipops, plus Creamy Strawberry & Cream and Choco-Vanilla flavors.

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About Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups has been conquering the heart and taste of kids and teens since 1958 with a vibrant, forever fun appeal and unusual flavors. The brand has become world famous for its round lollipops in many flavors and the flower shaped logo designed by the famous artist Salvador Dalí in the late sixties. Today the Chupa Chups Lollipops are available in more than 108 countries.

 About Perfetti Van Melle
Perfetti Van Melle Benelux B.V. is a privately-owned global company established in March 2001 through the merger of Perfetti SpA and Van Melle B.V. Perfetti Van Melle manufactures and markets confectionery and chewing gum products in more than 150 countries. Today Perfetti Van Melle is one of the world’s largest confectionery groups, marketing highly renowned brands such as Mentos, Frisk, Chupa Chups, Smint, Fruit-tella, Alpenliebe, Golia, Vivident, Airheads, Happydent & Big Babol. The Group has corporate headquarters in Italy and The Netherlands. U.S. operations are solely operated out of Erlanger, KY.



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