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Play more, play delicious

Airheads candy is an instant smile inducer! With a variety of intense fruity flavors and soft chew, Airheads transformed candy forever. Whether you like them regular size, minis, big bars, or in bite-size pieces, Airheads is a taste explosion!

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Yes to Fresh

Across the country and around the globe – Mentos is a top brand that has been delighting people for more than 80 years with our iconic mints and gum. Available in refreshing mint and fruity flavors, embrace the unexpected and say YES to Mentos freshness and fun.

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Chupa Chups

Forever Fun

Since 1958, Chupa Chups has brought happiness to children of all ages. We plan to make sure this continues, by combining a strong sense of the Chupa Chups tradition with contemporary creativity and innovation.

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So Good, Nature Wants Its Candy Back

For over 90 years, Fruit-tella has been delighting families with delicious, fruity candy. Our soft gummies are crafted in Italy with real fruit purees, colors and flavors from natural sources and ingredients we can actually pronounce. An unmistakable fruity experience in a yummy treat!

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The number one chewing gum brand in the world!

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Great tasting sugar-free gum that takes care of your teeth

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The Ultimate Bubble

Global brands

Consumers in more than 150 countries around the world enjoy Perfetti Van Melle confectionery and chewing gum products. Whether it's children enjoying the bubbly wonder of Chupa Chups Magics lollipops filled with apple mango fizzy powder, or teens enjoying Alpenliebe’s chewy caramel goodness, we deliver happiness and joy all across the globe. Innovation, creativity and quality – these traits mark the Perfetti Van Melle commitment.

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