Chupa Chups Introduces Melody Pops to the U.S. Market

May 2023 – ERLANGER, KY. – Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc., introduces the Chupa Chups Melody Pops, a delicious lollipop that is also a functioning whistle with the ability to play different notes, that will be available to consumers in the U.S. market in November 2023. Chupa Chups is the #2 fastest-lollipop brand

The Chupa Chups Melody pops will come in three delicious flavors, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon, and allow all lollipop fans to play real music and showcase their creativity to friends and family on social media and in real life.

Third party research found that Melody Pops are perceived as “unique” by 79% of consumers, which is likely to encourage them to try the product. 81% of consumers in the study said once they try it, they are likely to make a repeat purchase. 2

“Consumers are looking for a distinctive lollipop experience. With the introduction of Melody Pops, Chupa Chups will continue to bring well-received variety to lollipop lovers and add the unique touch of personalized entertainment to the fast-growing lollipop segment in the U.S.,” said Craig Cuchra, Vice President of Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle USA. “We cannot wait to hear the sweet whistling of Melody Pops in the air here in the U.S.”

The SRP for the Chupa Chups Melody Pops is $0.69-$0.79, and each showbox has 30 lollipops. Available: November 2023.

In 2021, Perfetti Van Melle U.S.A., Inc. took over U.S. distribution and marketing of the company’s Chupa Chups Lollipops that already enjoy tremendous popularity around the globe. In a brief time in the U.S., the Chupa Chups brand already gaining popularity in stores and online by outperforming.

Chupa Chups is excited to offer U.S. retailers the Melody Pops in additional to other popular Chupa Chups pack formats and most-loved flavors such as its ‘Best of’ Drum Display, Chupa Chups Laydown bags in CREMOSA and ‘Best Of’ flavor assortments, and Mini-Chups.

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About Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups has been conquering the heart and taste of kids and teens since 1958 with a vibrant, forever fun appeal and unusual flavors. The brand has become world famous for its round lollipops in many flavors and the flower shaped logo designed by the famous artist Salvador Dalí in the late sixties. Today the Chupa Chups Lollipops are available in more than 108 countries and a top-ranked lollipop brand worldwide.


About Perfetti Van Melle
Perfetti Van Melle Benelux B.V. is a privately-owned global company established in March 2001 through the merger of Perfetti SpA and Van Melle B.V. Perfetti Van Melle manufactures and markets confectionery and chewing gum products in more than 150 countries. Today Perfetti Van Melle is one of the world’s largest confectionery groups, marketing highly renowned brands such as Mentos, Frisk, Chupa Chups, Smint, Fruit-tella, Alpenliebe, Golia, Vivident, Airheads, Happydent & Big Babol. The Group has corporate headquarters in Italy and The Netherlands. U.S. operations are solely out of Erlanger, KY.



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