So Good, Nature Wants Its Candy Back

For over 90 years, Fruit-tella has been delighting families with delicious, fruity candy. Our soft gummies are crafted in Italy with real fruit purees, colors and flavors from natural sources and ingredients we can actually pronounce. An unmistakable fruity experience in a yummy treat!

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Made with Real Fruit Puree*

Fruit-tella is a soft gummy candy made with real fruit puree*. That’s right, fruit-puree! It’s the #1 ingredient in both of our fruity flavors — Strawberry & Raspberry and Peach & Mango. Which means Fruit-tella soft gummy’s delicious flavors and colors come from natural sources, making them the perfect sweet snack.

So Much Fruity Goodness

*made with apple, strawberry, raspberry and mango puree