Trident Introduces Trident Vibes X Sour Patch Kids® Tropical Peach Mango to the National Retail Market

Trident Introduces Trident Vibes X Sour Patch Kids® Tropical Peach Mango to the National Retail Market

May 2024 – ERLANGER, KY – Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc. announces that its newest flavor,
Trident Vibes x SPK® Tropical Peach Mango, is now available for shipping to U.S. retailers after
a successful exclusive 6-month launch at a major U.S. mass retail chain. Retailers can
experience it at the Perfetti Van Melle booth at the May 2024 Sweets & Snacks Expo.
The 40-piece bottle packs all the fun of the fan-favorite sour candy into a sugar free gum that
delivers a delicious, long-lasting chewing experience. The new sugar-free gum is coated with a
crunchy candy-like shell and packed with an irresistible Sour Patch Kids sour then sweet®

“Sour is huge right now! We’re confident this Trident sour then sweet gum is a standout item.
When you put together the quality and long-lasting chew of Trident, the overall popularity of sour
candy, the delicious peach and mango flavors, and the iconic Sour Patch Kids sour then sweet
enjoyment you clearly get a winner,” commented Perfetti Van Melle North America VP of
Marketing, Craig Cuchra.

In addition, research shows that 42% of consumers are looking for new and exciting formats to
deliver multi-sensorial experiences* and in its recent exclusive launch with a national retailer
Trident Vibes showed 20% incremental sales**.” Suggested retail price is $4.99/bottle.

* National Shopper Panel Data 52 Weeks End 12.23.2024
** Perfetti Van Melle internal data

About Trident
Trident is a true favorite gum brand that is loved by consumers for its quality, refreshing, long-lasting
chew packed with long-lasting flavors and in a wide variety of products. Patented as the first sugarless
gum in 1964, Trident now has a wide variety of products including the iconic Trident slab gum for those
who are looking for the traditional gum experience: Trident White to help protect and whiten your teeth, Trident Layers, a flavorful gum that is a treat to fruit lovers, and Trident Vibes with a crispy-like
outer shell packed with flavor. Trident sugar free gum comes in a variety of convenient portable packs
from standard packs and pocket packs to resealable bags and on-the-go bottles. Trident sugar free gum is made for your chewing pleasure. With a variety of types and flavors you will be sure to find the right companion to chew through your day. Learn more at or visit us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

About Perfetti Van Melle
Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) is a privately owned company that manufactures and distributes confectionery
and chewing gum in more than 150 countries. PVM is a global leader in the confectionery industry, thanks to delighting consumers around the world with its innovative, diverse, and most loved products.

The company boasts a diverse portfolio of iconic local and internationally recognized brands cherished by generations such as Mentos, Chupa Chups, Alpenliebe, Airheads, Center, Fruit-tella, Big Babol, Vivident, Golia, Vigorsol, Smint and Frisk. In addition, Trident, Hollywood, Dentyne, Stimorol, V6 and Bubblicious in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In 2023 Perfetti Van Melle Group reported net sales close to € 3.5 billion. U.S. operations are based in Erlanger, KY with factories in Erlanger and Rockford, IL.

Holly Ingram, Communications Director