Mentos Cleanbreath Hard Mints

ERLANGER, KY – What’s better than knowing your breath is minty fresh? The added confidence of knowing that freshness will last! Perfetti Van Melle’s New Mentos CleanBreath hard mints hit the retail shelves in January.

Mentos CleanBreath hard mints are proven to help provide clean, fresh breath for 30 minutes. What ensures the longer-lasting freshness of these sugar-free mints is the layering of green tea extract in between two layers of flavor and freshness.
Each slim, pocket-friendly pack contains 0.74 oz (about 30 mints) and is available in Peppermint or Wintergreen flavors.

SRP: $1.60
About Mentos
Who says no to Mentos?

Mentos is in 159 countries on this planet alone, so it’s fair to say Mentos is a global brand. Mentos comes in a lot of different shapes, flavors, and sizes, so there’s something for everyone and every taste. A lot of other brands out there obsess about what makes us all different; we’d rather explore the things we have in common. The Mentos brand is well-known. And it’s well- loved too. So wherever you go, one thing you can be sure of when you meet someone new is that they love Mentos. This means that if you have Mentos in your hand, you have the ultimate conversation starter, a sure way to make a connection. All you need to do is offer.

About Perfetti Van Melle
Perfetti Van Melle Benelux B.V. is a privately owned global company established in March 2001 through the merger of Perfetti SpA and Van Melle B.V. Perfetti Van Melle manufactures and markets sugar confectionery and chewing gum products in more than 150 countries. Today Perfetti Van Melle is one of the world’s largest confectionery groups, marketing highly renowned brands such as Mentos, Frisk, Chupa Chups, Smint, Fruittella, Alpenliebe, Golia, Vivident, Airheads, Happydent & Big Babol. The Group has corporate headquarters in Italy and The Netherlands. U.S. operations are solely operated out of Erlanger, KY.