Everything we do, we do responsibly

Responsibility is a daily part of our company’s ideals and founding principles. We value the role we play in our communities. We are serious about the lives and livelihoods of the dedicated people who make up Perfetti Van Melle.

Our priorities

We’re serious about responsibility. We care passionately about and value our customers, our people, and the environment. We are proud of our track record in these areas and happy to let the facts speak for themselves. Good stewardship has monumental consequences – these are ideals we live by at Perfetti Van Melle.

We are a responsible employer

As a responsible industry player, we apply the highest standards on the care for our people.Perfetti Van Melle is made of up some 18,000 dedicated people around the globe. While most of our employees are full-time, direct-hires, some of our facilities also retain contract employees to support production, as well as sales.

We offer our employees a truly diverse and inclusive working environment. As documented within our Human Rights statement, throughout our Group, we value diversity and do not tolerate discrimination, unfair or unequal treatment in any way, shape or form. Perfetti Van Melle has in place a Whistle Blowing Policy that encourages all our employees, customers and others to report any concerns related to any business practice within our organization. Our whistleblowing procedure is designed to make it easy for disclosures to be made, without fear of retaliation.

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Our community

Our company is comprised of unique individuals who make up the communities in which we live and work. We have an obligation to these communities, to help them thrive. Sharing our skills, energy and resources with those in need is beneficial for us all. This is why Perfetti Van Melle closes our entire business for a day each year while teams of our employees take on projects – from inner city school beautification to gardens that provide for food banks – in support of various non-profit organizations throughout our community.

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Charitable/Community Organization Candy Donations

At Perfetti Van Melle, we are committed to ‘making life sweeter’! We are happy to consider sweetening your registered non-profit organization’s community event, fundraiser or celebration that further your mission with a donation of our treats.

Please click here to download and complete our candy donation form, and then send your completed form to donations@perfettivanmelle.com.


At Perfetti Van Melle, we’re committed to working in harmony with the world around us and conducting our business in a manner that is respectful of the planet and its people. We work in compliance with any governmental requirements within the countries where we do business and have in place a sustainability governance model, overseen by our Chief Sustainability officer, Sustainability Steering Committee, and Executive Committee (made up of our chief officers and CEO.) We are focused on improving our environmental impact by targeting our packaging materials, carbon footprint and water footprint.

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