Fruit-tella Soft Gummies – CStore Products Video Review

Thomas Mulloy, Senior Editor at CStore Decisions Magazine, recently shared in a video review on PMV USA’s new Fruit-tella Soft Gummies that are now becoming available to consumers. He loved the flavors of the new candy – a rich, fruity flavor thanks to real fruit puree as the first ingredient!

Fruit-tella Soft Gummies, Perfetti Van Melle U.S.A.’s first all new Fruit-tella product to launch in the U.S., is a flavorful fruity candy innovation to meet the growing market of millennial families and their children craving tasty Better-For-You sweet indulgence options. Two fruit flavor combinations: Mixed Berry (Strawberry & Raspberry) and Peach & Mango. Each gummy flavor has a fun and playful fruit character shape. Available early 2021 in two peg bag sizes, 3.2 ounce (SRP $1.79) and 5 ounce (SRP $2.49). A vibrantly natural, rich, full, fruity taste that comes from real fruit puree as the No. 1 ingredient.

Source: CStore Products –